We offer a complete service - design, prepress department, sampling and carton construction.




Our dedicated team will work with you to get the very best out of your brief, often adding ideas or suggesting innovative new techniques. We also welcome our clients to work with us on press, fine-tuning design and pushing technical boundaries. Our Client Services team will prepare everything that you need from cost estimates to technical reports, print passing and of course final production.

TAFprint’s Implementation Department comprises experienced artworkers and graphic designers and can prepare any kind of design file for final print production. Our team work closely with our Print Shop and Bookbinding and Finishing Departments to ensure that files are properly prepared and separated for each process. If a design element is not delivering the desired effect we can adjust and resupply to our Print Shop very quickly, giving you the flexibility to experiment and improve your work.



WE BELIEVE THAT ONLY partnership WITH OUR CLIENTS LEADS TO success. The Think Tank is the place that we come together to brainstorm, problem solve and meet as a company. It is also open to clients, in person, over the phone or via the internet and audiovisual presentations. And we always FIGHT FOR THE BEST IDEA till THE LAST MAN STANDING.




Possible file formats: Composite PS / PRN OR  Composite PDF 1.4-1.5. 

An obligatory condition is the files which are submitted to comply with the standards of printing: Used colour space is CMYK or CMYK with additional (SPOT) colours, and it must be explicit mentioned in terms of reference and product calculation / and GRAYSCALE for monochrome publications. Resolution of screen images should be consistent with the offset printing   requirements- 200 Dpi. 

PDF - To make a PDF conforming to standard requirements for offset printing can be used in High Quality Print. Job options Adobe Acrobat Distiller or ask for our *. joboptions after refinement of the version of Acrobat Distiller. 

Physical size of the file must be conforming the size of the order. 

It is recommended, although modern RIP has support for special effects used in the design, to make the objects or images as simple as possible. For example: if text (vector) is placed between 2 or more transparencies please alter the transparencies into a tiff file. If you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to get in contact with your account manager.  

Requirements for putting the files into imposition

The files should not contain crop or register marks or any other kind of service marks. They will be replaced with new ones while putting the pages on imposition. 

File sizes must be like the physical size of the finished product plus the technological required additional space for cutting (bleeding) of your product (standard 3-5mm). If you lack technical knowledge, please consult our sales managers about the actual sizes. For publications with more than 1 page, the file should contain all pages of the product, or a separate file for each and every page. Do not forget the empty (blank) pages. 

Black texts must be in BLACK color only. (not CMYK) 


Overprint Black is a standard. We use Elliptical raster and resolution consistent with the print media and achievable print quality. Additional specific requirements can be added after the acceptance of the order.



We believe great ideas change the world. This belief underpins and unites all our work. You can see it in our delivery and feel it in our thinking. It’s the very philosophy behind our name.

We have all of the necessary expertise and industry knowledge in-house, that will help your products to create a lasting impression.

You can have the greatest product in the market place but without the right packaging, sales will be suppressed. Our designers will work with you to ensure that the packaging looks great, clearly communicates key messages, adheres to your brand guidelines, keeps up with packaging design trends and most importantly is tailored to your target market.

With our technical knowledge we know the limitations of packing in different markets whether its food, beauty or pharmaceutical. With our bespoke designs, we strive to create packaging that is better for the environment, always looking for new materials and techniques that create maximum impact.

Great packaging sets your products apart from your competitors. We need to provide reasons why a purchaser would choose your product over another. Because over 70% of buying decisions are made in store, we will work with you to ensure that your packaging design sells itself to the consumer when they are debating which product to select. This decision is typically made in under 3 seconds, so the packaging design must communicate convincing reasons why that particular product should be chosen over another.

At TAFprint, we can help you to achieve this!